Experienced Bodyguard Services in Perth

Confido Security offers bodyguard services for a range of different situations and people. In today’s age celebrity status can be attained by varied means, attributing risks to the individual which may not at first appear of a serious nature. From international acts, Music and Movie stars, famous Youtubers, Instagram influencers, top level business executives and high-profile court cases.

Our staff come supplied from backgrounds in Military, Police and private sector security. We can guarantee that we have professional and committed close protection officers for you.

We offer unarmed close personal protection with additional services ranging from but not limited to professional driving, client risk assessment, forward movement planning insertion and extraction. Individual protection, small teams and bespoke service are all a part of the service Confido Security aim to deliver standing by its commitment to be known as a Brand you can trust.

Get in contact with Confido Management to assist with any personal protection services you need.