Control Room Services in Perth

Having a professional security company manage your control room operations promotes autonomy and a sense of strong, ethical work practice across any business.

What is a control room?

A control room, otherwise known as a security operations room, is a dedicated room where data and footage is controlled and analysed by specialised personnel to monitor any unauthorised or suspicious activity.

Our control room staff….

Confido Security Pty Ltd actively source, educate and manage staff to fit the unique requirements for any appointed role within a security control room. If you choose us to manage the security operations of your business, you benefit from efficiently dispersing and utilising your own staff resources to their greatest potential by rather assigning them to their own specialised areas within your business.

What do you need to know to work in a control room?

At Confido Security we train our own staff with the most up-to-date technology to ensure that security operations are carried out in the most competent and secure manner when on duty. We endeavour to persistently up skill our team and ensure that we stay ahead of the security game with frequent industry updates across the company. This ensures any threats or damage aimed towards your business’ operations are maintained under control or terminated before they get a chance to destroy your reputation.

Our security team is experienced within all facets of control room operations, including, but not limited to, Access Control, CCTV, BMS (Building Management Systems) and overseeing contractor movements. Regardless of the size of your operation, we have the capability and manpower to assist you in meeting your business objectives with specially trained and passionate security officers ready to operate your control room today.

Why Confido security operation staff are worth it?

Confido Security Management oversee security room operations and brief all our staff contracted out to your business to enhance and add value to your company’s safety. Although our security management team overlook our staff conduct and processes, our security staff will still report directly to you. This provides you with greater control over your own security operations in the instance of any change of plans or urgencies that may arise. Our quality assurance systems and experience will ensure that your security operations are run, maintained and monitored to meet your expected standards and guidelines.

Whilst the collection of security software is vast and varied, the desired results can only be achieved by having the right people inside your control room facility. With the cost of installing and maintaining security systems being a major business expense it is important that you get the most value out of if by employing a passionate team with the right attention to detail.

If Confido Security sounds like the right company to take special care of your operations, please contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss your needs.