Professional Corporate Security in Perth

Confido Security knows how important first impressions are. We therefore offer professional concierge security services across Western Australia, unique to your facility’s needs.

What we offer?

From corporate offices to hotels, our distinct presence is felt and seen throughout many reception and concierge areas in and around Perth. Our attention to detail paired with the awareness to quality and presentation, ensures we fit the required look to blend in at the entrance or exit of your establishment. As soon as your customers step foot at your door, the existence of a Confido Security corporate officer will make them feel safe and secure, building rapport and trust which is a necessary aspect to the growth and demand of your business.

Reputation is key

We understand the importance of representing not only Confido Security but your establishment too. That is the reason why we combine high level guarding capabilities with an exceptional level of customer service. In addition to providing an effective yet conservative security presence, our personnel can also manage your building procedures through operating security systems and access control, all whilst providing a central contact point for all visitors.

Corporate Security  – Benefits are plentiful

It is our mission to provide your corporation with the optimum level of protection without compromising the crucial element of any successful client facing business – welcoming customer service. We ascertain when hiring a Confido Security corporate officer, you will get the most out of the service you are paying for.

By appointing Confido Security you’re investing in to one important service, and conveniently receiving multiple benefits which can only drive business towards further success. Increased customer satisfaction is just one major bonus on how a corporate security guard can improve an area of your business. However, do not forget your other business assets which also benefit from this unique added service. The protection of your employees, IT systems, equipment and property is just as equally important to the survival of any organisation.

We assure you the existence of a Confido Security officer provides added value to your corporation and will make operations thrive.  Additionally, our corporate security officers are highly trained to respond to threats, fire, evacuation and emergency scenarios which is a great all-rounder position to be incorporated in to any business’ health and safety plan.

Only our concierge security guards offer that approachable presence with an inviting smile to greet all your guests. Their excellent customer service skills are balanced with an essential skillset to subtly diffuse any undesirable situations which may threaten the comfort and peaceful environment of your workplace.

If you want to hire concierge security get in touch with Confido Security today and start enjoying front of house supervision with a difference.