Crowd Control Services in Perth

Perth Venue Security

The Perth night scene is a popular place to unwind enjoy your free time. Confido Security supply qualified and experienced door staff to over 30 venues across Perth and Western Australia. The face of your venue. Our highly trained staff provide patrons with a safe and friendly environment. Adhering to state regulations and minimizing anti-social behaviour. Confido management works actively to ensure the delivery of premium service to ensure your venue remains secure and runs smoothly.

Perth Festival & Concert Security

Here in Perth and all over Western Australia our great state has established a whole host of successful festivals from music festivals to great cultural events all of which wouldn’t be what they are today without exceptional security. Whatever the festival you’re organising whether it’s one that already appeals to the masses or it’s a first-time event, a priority which applies to any sized festival is without a doubt, security.

With a track record of delivering high quality festival security here at Confido Security we have become one of the Perth’s most trusted companies when it comes to keeping your event under control. With our expertise in venue and event security the time and finance you’ve spent ensuring your festival is a success won’t be wasted. Hoping to attract as many guests as possible paired with the hope that everyone who attends your event has a great time, it’s imperative that your festival isn’t without its fair share of festival Crowd Control officers.

Spread across Perth we have a team of dedicated, fully trained and qualified Crowd Controllers who will professionally and efficiently handle any situations before they get out of hand. Offering everything from Gate staff, front stage pit crews, VIP escorts to crowd management (roaming) teams, here at Confido Security we’ll put your every concern to rest. By objectively listening to your priorities and tailoring our festival security solutions to meet your needs we’ll ensure that your festival runs as smoothly as possible and more importantly that all your guests feel safe.