Security Guard Services in Perth

The presence of a uniformed security guard curbs troublemakers and is a substantial deterrent to criminals.

Why us?

Confido Security takes pride in stealth protection of your assets, people and property. You can rest assured that the presence of bad behavior or conflict will always be managed appropriately across all Confido-guarded locations and events in Perth. Our uniformed security officers are trained with utmost professionalism in a variety of conflict scenarios. They monitor the presence of all personnel and observe any site activity with an eagle eye.

Confido Security guards understand the importance of correct record keeping procedures for any site visitors or vehicles within their designated assignments. They are thoroughly trained to consequently assess risk, manage any inappropriate or suspicious behavior, and without delay report criminal acts to the relevant authorities for further course of action. Additionally, we equip our security guards with processes and first aid for immediate response in the event of an emergency or threat, should the need arise.

 Experienced & Well Trained Security Guards

Confido Security is passionate and dedicated in training all our security guards to conform to the highest level of expertise when enforcing safety policies and procedures. We share our comprehensive knowledge of the security industry and teach our security officers how to quickly identify safety hazards, use appropriate communication systems, operate basic security equipment, use self defense tactics, and have the confidence and knowledge to swiftly respond to a variety of unplanned scenarios. We have carefully-designed, accredited training courses to prepare our officers for all types of environments ranging from monitoring empty office space to handling disorderly nightlife crowds.

Our intensive training schedule covers a wide range of important topics which include legalities, and how to appropriately take action to ensure that people, property and equipment is always secure and accounted for.

Security Guard Services Tailored To Your Needs

Confido Security will customise a security guard services for your specific location based on the ideal job requirements. We can include duties such as opening office areas, locking doors and restricting site access at specific times, 24/7 premises patrol, monitoring video surveillance, ID verification, record keeping of site visitors, registration and security checks of vehicles, plus any other security-related activities. All special requests not mentioned above are open to assessment and evaluation to incorporate into an effective, personalised security operations plan that works specifically for you.

All staff employed will be licensed to meet the specific requirements of their security role, hold appropriate certification and receive training in first aid response procedures. Prior to each assignment, we provide site specific training to ensure that the security guards are familiar with their dedicated role and are able to meet your expectations, fulfilling strictly set standards during their duty. Confido Security does not compromise on safety, and neither should you.

Are you looking for security guard services in Perth or surrounds? We can help! Get in contact with Confido Security today.