Security Guard Services in Perth

Confido Security offers clients a targeted security solution, protecting property, people and places. We have a strong focus on service, exceeding our client’s expectations by providing a unique hands-on approach with our security guard services to Perth and surrounding areas.


Why partner with Confido Security?

Confido Security takes pride in providing the highest level of protection for your property, your people and your place. Having the presence of a uniformed security guard can result in the successful deterrent of any potential criminal activity taking place. At Confido Security we provide peace of mind, that in the incidence of any bad behaviour or conflict, all situations will be managed appropriately, across all locations where a Confido security guard is present.

Our security guards are professionally trained in a variety of conflict scenarios. They monitor the presence of all personnel and observe any site activity with an eagle eye. They are thoroughly trained to consequently assess risk, manage any inappropriate or suspicious behaviour, and without delay report criminal acts to the relevant authorities for further course of action. Confido security guards understand the importance of correct record keeping procedures for all site activity within their designated assignments.

Additionally, our security guards are well equipped with processes and first aid training for immediate response in the event of an emergency or threat, should the need arise.


Experienced & Well Trained Security Guards

Confido Security is passionate and dedicated in training all security guards to perform to the highest level of expertise when enforcing security and safety policies and procedures.

We share our comprehensive knowledge of the security industry and teach our security officers how to quickly identify safety hazards, use appropriate communication systems, operate basic security equipment, use self-defence tactics, and have the confidence and knowledge to swiftly respond to a variety of unplanned scenarios.

We have carefully-designed, accredited training courses to prepare our officers for all types of environments ranging from monitoring empty office space to handling disorderly nightlife crowds.

Our intensive training schedule covers a wide range of important topics which include legalities, and how to appropriately take action to ensure that people, property and equipment is always secure and accounted for.

Services to Support and Protect

Confido Security provides practical and trustworthy guards for a variety of security assignments to locations across Perth.

Our guards are trained to keep a close watch on all activities to maintain safety of employees, guests and ensuring all security protocols are managed accordingly. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure all touch points are covered and all risks are mitigated to support a safe secure environment and smooth flow of operations.

Our security services are available across a diverse range of industries including:

  • Corporate Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Construction Sites
  • Static Guards
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Supermarket & Shopping Outlet’s
  • Concierge
  • Mining
  • Gatehouse
  • Commercial Security
  • Marine Charters
  • Bodyguards (UCPP)

Whatever your specific security needs are, the highly trained and carefully selected security guards at Confido Security have the depth of knowledge, discipline and versatility to both guard and provide assistance in the role, or roles, you need.

Security Guard Services Tailored To Your Needs

Confido Security can customise a targeted security solution that includes guard services for your specific location and job requirements. Services within the plan can involve duties such as opening office areas, locking doors and restricting site access at specific times, 24/7 premises patrol, monitoring video surveillance, ID verification, record keeping of site visitors, registration and security checks of vehicles, plus any other security-related activities.

If there are special requirements not outlined in the above, speak to the team at Confido Security who will assess and evaluate your individual circumstances to establish an effective, personalised security operations plan that works specifically for you.

All Confido Security staff that appointed to your assignment will be licensed to meet the specific requirements of their security role. They will also hold appropriate certification and receive training in first aid response procedures. Prior to each assignment, we provide site specific training to ensure that the security guards are familiar with the job location as well as their dedicated role and are able to meet the client’s expectations, fulfilling strictly set standards during their duty. Confido Security does not compromise on safety, and neither should you.

Confido Security are a brand you can trust. If you are looking for superior security guard services in Perth and surrounding areas, contact our team today – we are here to help!